How it Works

It's pretty simple

Wirelessly connect any TV to the Internet


This little computer on a stick is the only piece of hardware you need to unlock the full potential of your screens.
Plug MiraLink into the HDMI port of any TV or CATV modulator, and connect all of your screens to the Internet.

Mira (Display)

Plug one MiraLink into the HDMI port of each of your screens to manage their content independently.
For example: you want to display promotional content on the TV in your hotel's lobby, but drink menus and specials on the TVs in the bar.

Mira (Channel)

Plug one MiraLink into your existing CATV system to schedule the same content on any number of screens.
For example: you want to add a signage channel that plays the same promotional and informational content on the TVs in all of your hotel's guest rooms.


Mira stores your content in the cloud, so you can manage what's playing across multiple screens, in multiple locations. Whether you're in the office or on-the-go, control your media from any Internet-connected computer.


Just upload, drag and drop. Our online dashboard allows anyone to easily create rich multimedia playlists and schedule them across multiple screens.


Upload your own content or add media from our growing library of apps. Display live-updating weather and news from any online source, live streaming or recorded video from online sources, and more.
Our Software Development Kit will allow developers to build even more apps to meet your company’s needs. Contact us to learn more about what Mira can do for your business.

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