Half of all TVs are sold to businesses

More than 250 million televisions are being sold per year, and half of those are going to businesses. At Mira, our goal is to create transformational experiences for storefront businesses by connecting these TVs to the cloud and integrating them into the operations of the firm.

Our Team

Founded in April 2016, Mira enjoys support and financial backing from top strategic and technology investors, including 8VC, Atomic, Bloomberg, Lerer Hippeau, Nextview, Ron Conway and Transmedia Capital. Our team is led by serial entrepreneurs, seasoned engineers, and executives with deep backgrounds in relevant industries.

What we Value


We value people who are result-oriented and take their craft seriously. As a young and ambitious startup, we hire people who raise the bar, not just meet it. A commitment to excellence is also a commitment to personal and team growth.


Psychological safety is at the heart of everything we do. Respect, including mutual respect and self-respect—empowers each of us to bring our best selves to work every day, and have productive disagreements without compromising our sense of self-worth.


We do right by our customers and right by each other. This means being candid, forthright, and doing what we say we’re going to do.


We value people who take pride and joy in doing more with less and inventing clever solutions to seemingly intractable problems.


We value people who bring new perspectives. We know our team is stronger when our teammates come from different backgrounds, and welcome all kinds, regardless of race, sex, gender and identity.

Fun and Play

We value people who take their work seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously. Work should be a meaningful use of life, and we want to enjoy the people we work with.

Ambitious challenges require ambitious talent

We are creating a new industry by liberating technology that was previously only affordable to airports, stadiums, and large enterprises and making it available and easy-to-use for every business. We offer ambitious new challenges that don’t exist at other companies.


Engineering for a fleet of tens of thousands of field-deployed devices, including both on-device and cloud.


Bringing a new technology to market and accelerating our industry-leading growth rate.


Creating apps and partnerships that make it easy for users to create incredible experiences for users, and hard to create bad ones.

Customer Success

Working with customers to ensure the best possible outcomes, and building relationships that create value for both our customers and our team.